“The PenCraft Seasonal Book Awards recognizes books of remarkable literary quality, artistic excellence, and popularity with readers. Around The World with Moby- My First Trip exemplified these criteria as a winner in the Children – Concept genre. We hope receiving this award will contribute to your ongoing writing success.”

“A lovely, inspiring story about a young boy expanding his horizons and learning to enjoy travel and exploration. This is an uplifting and heartwarming book.”

“Adults have anxiety about traveling, so it’s not a far leap to think children would suffer from the same issue.

The excursion was not smooth sailing. Bumps in the road will occur whether a child is on the autism spectrum or not. However, suppose they are, Around The World with Moby- My First Trip! gives parents valuable tools to help their child prepare for a trip, helps a child handle new experiences and challenges, and even shows families all the fun you can have in Minneapolis. There are even pages dedicated to when they came home. The ‘after the trip” events were just as important as the ‘let’s prepare for the trip’ sections. You don’t have to have an autistic child to benefit from any idea in the book. All children feel stress over new situations!

Around The World with Moby- My First Trip! by Muzna Kazim is a remarkable book. The illustrations by Rabindra Nath Barman were big, bold, and colorful and elevated an already fantastic story.

I recommend that families and schools add this book to their library. “

“What a wonderful book that was so heartwarming. The mom in the story shows such love as we begin with preparing Moby for his trip by getting him used to the calendar to mark off when the trip is happening. Mom reads a story about plane rides to help ease Moby into what is going to happen. They do all kinds of amazing things to help prepare. Moby learns all about the Mall of America and he is excited to see it. We finally get to see the journey Moby goes on with the help of a color schedule and a choice board that he can choose an activity to do on the plane to pass the time. The family gets to the Mall of America and Moby gets to go on a ride. He has some trouble sleeping that night but mom calms him down with pictures of home. They get to go to a park where Moby asks lots of questions because he craves knowledge. This is just a wonderful story and a very good choice for teachers, I think, to read to children to help kids understand people with autism better. This story gives real situations that occur with people with autism.”

“Around The World With Moby: My First Trip,” is truly amazing. Travel can be an exciting, yet anxiety-provoking experience for children with autism. I consider this book, “HOPE” for parents who have children with travel anxiety. The author takes important steps to make the trip a joyful and memorable experience for Moby. For instance, they talked with him while planning, marking it on the calendar, exercising prior to departure, and much more … enough to give you excitement and encourage you to read this book. Every scene is explained well with beautiful illustrations. I would recommend this book to all my friends!

“Around the World with Moby has been written with younger readers in mind, yet it may easily be enjoyed by teens and adults. It’s well-written, attractive, and colorfully presented, with a striking cover that foreshadows the book’s overall theme. The aim of the book is to provide interesting and engaging activities for children to concentrate on while they are on vacation with their families. Together, the colorful, detailed, and varied illustrations by Rabindra Barman and the succinct, matter-of-fact writing by Muzna Kazim make a winning combination.”